Here are some pictures of some old colonial aluminum awning windows.

These old aluminum colonial windows, after awhile, rust, the operators seize up, the strips fall off, they offer no hurricane protection..........

These are Hurricane Impact, Colonial, Grey Tint, UPVC, Sliders.

Homeowners know that Interior Exterior's Hurricane Impact Windows add value, beauty and protection to any property!!!

This is a picture of an old colonial door. Notice how the colonial strips turn an ugly yellow after awhile. 

Not to mention, after a heavy rain, the water seeps inside your home, causing flooding and a big wet mess!
This is a picture of a hurricane impact, colonial, grey tint, casement door. The strips are actually inside the glass, so they NEVER turn yellow or fall off, plus it gives you burgular and hurricane protection.

It doesnt allow any wind or rain to enter your home, plus its a beautiful, solid door...

So call Interior Exterior now so we can show you how to change out your windows.......AFFORDABLY!


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