Window glass was revolutionized in the 1970's. Insulated glass (two or more pieces of glass with a dead air space between) made its debut in the early 70's. Low E glass was introduced in 1979. The E stands for emissivity. Low E glass works by reflecting heat back to its source. It does this by utilizing an ultra thin metallic coating on or in the glass.

Among other things, sunlight contains visible light, UV light, and infrared (IR) light. Visible light enables us to see things. Ultraviolet light damages your skin, wood, fabrics, window treatments, furniture, draperies, floorings and causes colors to fade.

Infrared light is basically heat. Low E glass has the ability to allow visible light to pass while blocking certain amounts of UV light and IR light.


The infrared light in sunlight is powerful. When it strikes an object it heats it up. These objects can be your tile floors, furniture, sidewalks, patio furniture etc. As these objects cool off, they emit a low powered form of IR light. Low E glass reflects this form of energy. In the summer this helps to keep your house cooler, as the heat from objects outside is kept outside.

We manufacture the soft coat application of low E glass. The soft coat process commonly involves the application of a thin layer of silver while the glass is in a vacuum. This coating is delicate. Soft coat low E glass is always sandwiched with another piece of glass. It can also oxidize if exposed to air. Argon gas is sometimes used to prevent this oxidation. This gas also acts as an additional insulator.

Low E glass helps to reduce condensation on glass. The inside surface temperature of the glass is warmer. The differences can be dramatic. Imagine a hot day with an outside temperature of 90 degrees farenheit . The inside temperature of a single pane window would be approximately 101 degrees. Regular double pane glass might register 100 degrees. Soft coat low E glass would come in at 78 degrees.

Low E glass can reduce your electricity bill by up to 45%! Low E glass also stays cleaner than normal glass.Low E glass is a plus all around.


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